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Beard & Hair Growth Oil - 50 ml

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Fantraa Beard Growth Oil – Men’s professional essential beard plus hair growth oil is formulated by cosmeceutical experts. The growth oil designed by Deep-Absorbed Technology (DAT) provides quickly absorbed to a deep layer of the skin which resulted in rapid anagen phase growth of the hair follicle and remove bald, patchy beard& alopecia problems. Specially made beard oil for men.

beard oil
  • The unique formulation is made with the best hair promoting essential oil, co-promoter and carrier oil. The caffeine is clinically proven the promoting hair cellular proliferation and block DHT to resulted in new hair follicle cell developed and stimulate proliferation. Grapeseed oil is the rich source of Procyanidin b2 help to promote new hair follicles. Rosemary oil improves micro blood circulation to ensure enough nutrition supply for the hair follicle.
  • Bhringraj, Amla, Linseed oils, Zinc, Pyridoxine& vitamin E provides antioxidant, nutritional support to help in follicular enlargement and prolongation of the anagen phase. The essential ingredient easily crosses the skin layers using Black sesame and Olive oil performed as the carrier oil. Fantraa’s growth oil ensures your healthy, natural, sustain beard and hair growth.

Unique Natural Formulation

Are you struggling with patchy beard or beardless face and hair fall problems?

Fantraa’s growth oil is dedicated to patchy beard or beardless face and hair loss problem resolving solution. Our R&D team figures out the best in the class formulation by scientific research. We are not just doing a blend of essential oil in our formulation but we choose our ingredient based on previous clinical trial studies. The growth oil formulation based on the science of hair growth. Our research suggested males who suffered from lack of beard might be a low level of testosterone or high level of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), low level of microcirculation and lack of nutrients and some genetic cause. The growth oil is capable to reduce DHT level, improve microcirculation of blood in hair follicles and provides enough supply of micronutrients & Vitamins. We have a one-stop scientific solution for beard and hair growth problems.

Beard Growth Oil
best beard oil

Natural Ingredients for Healthy Growth

Growth oil is made with premium quality natural ingredients. The Fantraa’s growth oil is completely made true natural ingredients which clinically proven to stimulate hair growth. The unique formulation is made with the best hair promoting essential oil, co-promoter and carrier oil which is free from silicone, Paraben and Sulphate. The Coffee bean extract contains a high level of caffeine which was clinically proven for DHT blocking, improve microcirculation and stimulator of hair growth (Fischer, T. W., et al, 2014). Grape seed oil is a rich source of Proanthocyanidins which promote hair cycle proliferation (Takahashi, T et al., 1998).

Beard Growth Oil For New Generation

We call it’s a Next Generation Growth oil because of its formulated with Deep Absorption Technology (DHT). The matter of fact if growth oil can’t reach in hypodermis or endodermis layer of skin it’s not generated a maximum impact of their efficacy. The hair growth promoting essential oil and extracts must be absorbed quickly into the skin for maximum benefits to their natural elements. The maximum absorption means maximum benefits for hair growth.


Coffee Bean Extract

Coffee Bean Extract (Coffea Arabica)

Block Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)
Clinically Proven to Promote New Hair Follicle
Effectively Treat Patchy Beard and Hair loss (Alopecia)
Prevent Premature Graying

Grape Seed Oil

Grape Seed Oil (Vitis vinifera)

Rich Source of Antioxident Procyanidin b2
Potent Antioxidant
Reduce the Damage of Hair Root
Improve Hair Development Cycle

Bhringraj Extract

Bhringraj Extract (Eclipta alba)

Rich source of Micronutrient & Alkaloid
Improve Blood Circulation to the Hair follicle
Revitalizing the Hair Follicles & Hair Fiber
Prevent Itchiness and Hair Dandruff

Brahmi Extract

Brahmi Extract (Bacopa monnieri)

Incensement Hair Thickness
Hair Scalp Nourishing
Strengthening the Hair Follicles & Hair Fiber
Prevent Split Ends

How to Use ?

beard oil


Dispense the desired amount of Fantraa Growth Oil into the palm (according to your requirement).

fantraa beard oil


Apply on facial region like cheek & chin for Beard growth or on Head for hair growth.

beard oil advanced


Massage the Growth oil for 5 minutes for absorb into the skin.

beard growth oil

Use Twice a Day

For best result apply twice a day as per recommended.

11 reviews of Beard & Hair Growth Oil - 50 ml
( 5.00 )
  • Archit Kunker
    I had a patchy beard and used the Fantraa beard oil. I must say this is Amazing my patches reduced . This also made my beard soft and shiny.
  • Mukul Sharma
    Excellent product.
  • Meghal
    Healthy non-sticky oil for the beard.
  • Narendra Singh
    Perfect for Hair and Beard Growth Smell is Perfect, Result is awesome, No side effect....
  • Sanit Gaonkar
    This is a great beard care item. Leaves the beard soft and doesn’t greasy as day wears on. Highly recommended.
  • Arijit Mondal
    When I started to grow a beard, I was in need of a beard oil. I searched around to find one that was good quality and at a good price. Let me tell you, I was very happy with Fantraa product. When I first tried the product, it was the best thing ever. It makes it smooth and soft. Very high quality and works perfectly. Really notice a difference in my beard. Looks more healthy and groomed.
  • Dharmik
    Getting hair growth after using week. Will buy again for sure..
  • Mehtab
    This beard oil performs very well. It makes your beard slick like it should with only a drop or two. It truly lives up to it's unscented branding, which is what I like about it. Sometimes I just want a soft beard without the overbearing scent. This beard oil is truly scentless and conditions my beard exactly how I like it....
  • Ahaan
    It's most powerful and effective beard and hair growth oil It's really effective, my beard grow fast. I recommend this product for everyone I also buy it again. Thankyou Fantraa
  • Jassi Singh
    If you are a beard man , this product is great buy for you. It is the best products. I have bought a lot products , but didn't work. I'm really it is working.. You need to massage your face , slowly, daily for 10 minutes before bed. It will show its magic then.
  • Beard Baba
    Just Perfect Beard Oil


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Beard & Hair Growth Oil – 50 ml